Hall-Oats-Ween Celebration
Union Hall (702 Union St., Brooklyn)

The Wet Look are a supergroup born from one glorious golden lock of Daryl Hall’s mane and a brazen bushel of John Oates’ mustache. Put here on this earth to induce flash flood warnings from betwixt female audience member’s legs while always keeping the vibe smooth as G.E. Smith’s cheek. The Wet Look is a glorious amalgamation of members from Appomattox and Me You Us Them with the sole purpose of touching your heart and soul with their incredible renditions of your favorite Hall & Oates songs. Come ride the buttery wave of smooth with us and set sail on a sensual musical journey that will leave you breathless.

The Shitty Pixies is more than a clever name…they are the most excellent Pixies cover band you’ll ever hope to see. Featuring members of Diehard and the Vandelles, the SPs are currently working their way through the Pixies discography. This fall you can see them playing the blistering 1987 debut Come on Pilgrim.