The Backpacker’s Studio: All You Need For Great Location Lighting
The B&H Event Space (420 9th Ave., Manhattan)

Join Michael “Mikey” Thompson, international photographer and the proprietor of for an exciting, entertaining and informative presentation as he reveals his secrets for capturing amazing images with minimal gear and a laid back, fun approach to photography in what he calls “The Backpacker’s Studio.”

Mikey has recently returned from a five-month world tour inspiring others with his unique confidence in approaching strangers, simplified explanations for quick off-camera lighting, traveling light, and helping individuals achieve their own photographic goals. Mikey was also featured this summer as a host on creativeLIVE during a live three-day workshop that aired around the globe.

Get ready to experience Mikey’s Lighten Up and Shoot style through this inspirational presentation that will show you how to build your own Backpacker’s Studio and give you confidence in forming your own individual voice in photography.