Permanent Wave’s Halloween Covers Show
Death By Audio (49 S. 2nd St., Brooklyn)

We’re doing Halloween Permanent Wave-style! Join us for a ridiculously fun night of cover sets by some of our favorite lady-fronted bands. Other special surprises TBA!

>BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (Amy Klein and the Blue Star Band)
>>LE TIGRE (Claire’s Diary – mem. Care Bears on Fire)
>>>SALT-N-PEPA (Mindtroll feat. the Cocoon Central Dance Team)
>>>>>>THAT DOG (Delta Hotel)

+ Halloween bake sale!!


Permanent Wave is a feminist group that knows women are more than groupies and merch girls. We value art from female, trans, and LGBTQ people that challenges the norm. We believe that women should see other women as collaborators and inspirations, not rivals. We want to rip the band-aid off the halted conversations and change the way women are treated.