Almost Internet Famous: Building Your Brand
Etsy Labs (55 Washington St., Suite 712, Brooklyn) & online
$5, register here

It’s hard to conceive of a place where celebrities, brands, moms, preteens, entrepreneurs and escaped snakes coincide. Social networks provide a platform to be real, tell our stories in little pieces, and give our audience just enough to want to fan, friend or follow. The question is, why do some brands have an enthusiastic Facebook audience while others could be compared to a truck-stop at 4 a.m.? How does one successfully translate their voice into 140 characters while the other falls flat?

Curious yet? You should be! On Thursday, October 27, Etsy is pleased to present a two-part evening (both in-person and via Etsy’s Online Labs) that melds social media and education. We’ll first hear from comedian Eugene Mirman, who uses online tools to build his personal brand and grow his audience. From a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise money for his comedy festival to his large (and growing) Twitter audience, we’ll learn some of his tips and strategies for success.

Next we’ll switch tactics and discuss the day-to-day aspects of building a brand through social media in a panel format. The panel will cover topics like, how can a small business owner, freelancer, brand or creative entrepreneur use social media to connect with customers, clients and fans effectively? What tools can we use to streamline our efforts? And why should we even be honing these skills? Are these connections real? How can we measure their impact on our business, brands and lives?