Dos Caminos’ Mexican Street Food
powerHouse Arena (37 Main St., Brooklyn)
Free, RSVP requested:

At the popular Dos Caminos restaurants in New York, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Fort Lauderdale, Corporate Executive Chef Ivy Stark is the mastermind behind the mouthwatering menus, serving up the freshest guacamole, ceviche, Asada tacos, Mexico City-style quesadillas, killer margaritas, and much more. Now, everyone can bring the bold flavors of Dos Caminos into their own kitchen with Dos Caminos’ Mexican Street Food. Packed with 120 recipes, delightful anecdotes, and profiles of real Mexican cooks—like Abigail Mendoza from Oaxaca who cooks up unbeatable mole—Dos Caminos’ Mexican Street Food is a must-have for any serious kitchen. Stark also offers time-saving techniques and make-ahead suggestions, as well as tips for working with Mexican seasonings and produce like plantains and chilies. She makes it easy even for beginners to enjoy traditional foods with a modern twist such as:

Plantain croquettes
Chilies stuffed with spicy ground turkey
Baja-style fish tacos
Roasted chicken flautas
Cornmeal biscuits with cheddar and chipotle
Tamarind braised short ribs
Black bean cakes with spicy butternut squash
Rose petal ice cream
Mexican milk fudge
And much more…

After extensive travel and training throughout Mexico, Stark was determined to bring home the native foods that had enchanted her. From stylish couples enjoying beef tacos at a café to day laborers standing at a counter over a paper plate topped with carnitas, everyone loves the delicious, accessible cuisine of Mexican street food. Versatile and simple, these dishes can be enjoyed as a quick nibble or as part of an elegant meal. So stock up on chilies and avocados, and get ready for a proper Mexican fiesta!