Outside Image Project with Mark Street
UnionDocs (322 Union Ave., Brooklyn, NY)
3-6:15pm workshop and shooting, 7-8:30pm screening/discussion
$20 suggested donation

Using the immediate neighborhood as subject, this workshop and outdoor screening event will offer numerous opportunities for conversations about video as public art. What happens when moving images crop up unexpectedly outside of traditional venues, on the street? How does video operate as street art? What mix of representation and abstraction best serves and challenges an audience that encounters moving images as they go about their daily life? As a group we will shoot documentary vignettes , and then project the edited images onto a building in the milieu where they were filmed. Outside Image Project will bring beautiful, poetic and inviting images back to the place where they were created for all to contemplate.

This event combines the finely observed urban vignette with a desire to move out of the movie theatre and into the arena of public art. Using a funky, low fi aesthetic and an exalted, performative reclamation of public space, this collaborative project will consider the fine line between private expression and public consumption and role of art in contemporary quotidian life.

Filmmaker, curator, and writer Mark Street will lead this intimate workshop which will have a capacity of 20. The first hour will be a presentation with clips relating to street video art. Following that, the group will break off in pairs to shoot scenes from the neighborhood. We will then gather to quickly edit and sequence the work, and then have a break to eat. Following this we will have a publicly projected screening and discussion at 306 Union Avenue. There will be some cameras available, but we encourage you to bring something to record with if you have access.