Ghost Story of Yotsuya
Spectacle Theater (124 S. 3rd St., Brooklyn)

Nobuo Nakagawa, 1959. 76 min. Japan. In Japanese with English subtitles.

Though little-seen in the United States, Jigoku director Nobu Nakagawa’s 1959 Ghost Story of Yotsuya is generally considered the greatest of over 30 film verions of Japan’s most famous ghost story. Adapted from Nanboku Tsuruya’s 19th century play, Yotsuya begins as rogue samurai Lemon kills a man in a fit of rage when a proposal to marry his daughter is rejected. He weds the girl promising to seek the killer and avenge her father’s death. But when Lemon grows tired of his bride, he schemes to trick her into an affair to justify an honor killing, setting in motion a terrifying third act whose influence reverberates through Asian horror films to this day. Expertly staged and beautifully photographed, Ghost of Yotsuya should not be missed.