UCBW AutumnSlamn
Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre (307 W. 26th St., Manhattan)

The World-Famous UCBW Arena in the shadow of Madison Square Garden!

All of your favorite MegaStars are going back to school as UCBW presents plenty of tricks and treats with it’s SIXTH season finale – the brawl of the fall – AutumnSlamn!

Hilarious REAL wrestling matches LIVE on Pay-Per-View*!

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Only 14,000 seats available!

Title for Title: UCBW Heavyweight Champion Wall $treet vs. Hardcore Champion Whole Lotta Denim

Elimination Match for Company Control:
UCBW MegaStars (“Manly Man” Randy Manly, Little Brother, Bedbug, Beach Cop, Big Sister) vs.
CSZW BlooperStars (Black Jacket, “Cold Sober” Steve Boston, Dollywood Hogan, Razor Raymond, Burrito)
Special Guest Referee: CSZW’s Buck McMahon

Six Years in the Baking — CakeFace’s Final Match: Big Island vs. CakeFace

Triple Threat Match for the Tag Team Championship: Trip & Trey McGonigle vs. Father Nelson & Altar Boy vs. Dié Eürotrash (champions)
World War 3-Way for the Women’s Championship: Lil’ Bo Reap vs. Korya vs. Lady Liberty (champion)
InterSpecies Match: Panda & Dr. Fujimora vs. DeerHunter

PLUS: Future Soldier Dave, Mr. Olympia, and many more surprises!

And featuring Referee Robot Riley and the Voices of the UCBW – Uncle Eddie, Chuck McMahon, along with Chugger Deets!