City Reliquary (370 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn)
Doors and sign-ups at 7p; showing/telling commences at 8p
$5 suggested donation

Open Mic Show-and-Tell is exactly what it sounds like: Anyone can bring an object of personal significance and talk about it for up to three minutes. No theme, no agenda — interesting stuff and the stories behind them are their own reward.

Objects that were featured last time included an old toaster, a quilt whose design was themed around the movie ‘Dog Day Afternoon,’ and a very special cigar.

But as always, Show-and-Tell isn’t about the objects — it’s about the stories. Look in your pocket or your purse — there’s probably good show-and-tell fodder there, whether you realize it or not.

You can either (a) bring an object and be prepared to talk about it, or (b) just be part of the audience (because you can’t have show-and-tell unless there are people on hand to be shown and told). HOWEVER, lately we’ve had more folks who only want to watch, without participating. C’mon, people — it’s better to give than to receive, remember? Of course you do.