Animals in the Arts
Alexander Gray Associates (508 W. 26 St. #215, Manhattan)
Free, RSVP requested:

In this engaging and visually stimulating presentation, California-based author Colleen Patrick-Goudreau shares a variety of film clips, pieces of literature, and works of visual art that will change the lens through which we view animals in the arts. Join us for an evening of food for eating and food for thought! Patrick-Goudreau will sign her books, and they are available for sale at the gallery.”When people think of animal-themed films, literature, or art, they most likely think of animated children’s movies, sentimental stories, or provocative documentaries and books that focus on the suffering of animals,” notes Patrick-Goudreau. “However, sophisticated works of art from around the world and across the ages explore our relationship with and exploitation of non-human animals; reflecting the joy that comes from the former and the distress that comes from the latter.” She further elaborates, “These are not animal advocates making these films, writing these stories, or creating these works of art. They are artists who cannot but reflect in their art what is arguably the most fundamental relationship in our lives; that between humans and non-human animals.”