Friday, October 14th: ‘Greatest Love of All’

Greatest Love of All
Holiday Inn (39-05 29th St. Queens)

Greatest Love of All by Angela Beallor, Kerry Downey, and Niknaz Tavakolian harnesses the inspirational pop song as a meditative prompt for impromptu queer collectivity. The song was originally written by Michael Masser and Linda Creed for the film The Greatest, made famous by soul icon, George Benson, but most notably performed by pop star Whitney Houston. It has a complicated history, an ironic present, and, as with anything, an uncertain future. The lyrics lay out hope to and for the future barring shadows, and embracing self love. Parallels emerge within queer experience, both tragic and inspirational. This project uses the song as a site, i.e. as a space where an event/activity is occurring (or has occurred). In this regard, it occupies several types of time simultaneously. We are using these spaces to address issues around American identity, community, and collectivity and how histories are uplifted, distorted, hidden or erased. This performative event is a site-specific engagement with the song’s layered histories, using the liminal space of a hotel suite to engage with the contradictions between the song’s harmonies and its cultural discords.