Tuesday, October 11th: Hotel Bar Club

Hotel Bar Club
Hotel Americano (518 W. 27th St., Manhattan)

Hotel Bar Club visits bars in hotels as a club. Since January 2009, Linn Edwards, Katarina Jerinic, Naomi Miller, and their extended networks of friends have met monthly at hotel bars around New York, providing a reason to visit places they might otherwise not and an opportunity to experience their city as tourists.Hotel Bar Club is primarily a social gathering with the added boon of getting to know friends of friends, and many photographs documenting each meeting are taken and posted on the group’s Facebook page. During Congress of Collectives, the Hotel Bar Club breaks its self-imposed rule of never visiting the same place twice by hosting a meeting at the unanimously favored Library Bar at Gild Hall, chosen for its happy hour specials (a rarity on the Hotel Bar Club circuit), long conference-type table, and atmosphere conducive to congressing.