Saturday, October 8th: Signal to Noise #3 with Anamanaguchi, Latitude Zero & a Zombie Rave Room

Signal to Noise #3
Museum of the Moving Image (36-01 35 Ave., Queens)
$15 in advance

Signal to Noise once again takes over the entire Museum of the Moving Image with interactive spectacles and visual delights, including electro-jams, post-rave vibes, circuit-bent video, shadow game tournaments, battling guitar video game contests, and much more as the galleries stay open late and the party goes later.

DIY rock superstars Anamanaguchi command the stage with high-energy low-res anthems, kicked-off by Extreme Animals’ preposterous video/music explosions, MiniBoone’s raucous tunes with eyecandy from Holly Danger, and Landlady’s catchy experimental rock. LoVid blasts video noise from handmade hardware, and Modal Kombat duels on acoustic guitars-turned-game controllers.

Chill out to Smooth Breeze’s easy-listening jazz and creamy screensavers, and beat out the competition during an all-night tournament of Shadowplay, the live-action puzzle game you play with your shadow. Luck You Collective, easylife, and Strongbros hold down the lobby with ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE, featuring Burger Sundae, Girlbro, Beatsaface, and Latitude Zero on the decks.

Co-curated by Jason Eppink, Assistant Curator of Digital Media, and Anamanaguchi.
Open bar from 8:00 p.m.–9:00 p.m., sponsored by Reyka and Samuel Adams. Cash bar follows. Coolhaus and Big D’s Grub Truck parked out front.

8:00pm: Burger Sundae
8:00pm: Smooth Breeze
9:00pm: Landlady
9:30pm: Modal Kombat
10:00pm: MiniBoone w/ Holly Danger
10:15pm: Girlbro
10:30pm: LoVid
10:30pm: Smooth Breeze
11:15pm: Modal Kombat
11:30pm: Beatsaface
11:45pm: Extreme Animals
12:15am: LoVid
12:30am: Latitude Zero
12:45am: Anamanaguchi

Shadowplay and Zombie Rave Room open all night. Jim Henson’s Fantastic World and Behind the Screen open until 12:00am.