Suspicious Zoology Book Launch
Observatory (543 Union St., Brooklyn)

Please join the Hollow Earth Society to celebrate the release of their latest book, a comic-sized full-color exploration of animal-kind.

Licensed from our Australian cable television partners over at EnviroChan, Suspicious Zoology: Pet Gazette No. 1 (Uncommon “Friends”) is a wild—and possibly totally spurious—exploration of the animal kingdom!

Take a wild ride through the exciting (and often dangerous!) world of animals with this very special catalogue of uncommon “friends”—(sort of) written by TV’s own Sebastian “Bass” Knobloch, host of EnviroChan’s hit show, Whoooa there, don’t pick ‘er up by that, she looks—OH, YEAH—RADICAL ANIMALS!!

This event will feature readings from the book, puppets, original art, bad Australian adventuring accents, and lots of wine.

The animals detailed in SZ #1 (Uncommon “Friends”) include:

The Rollerbeest
The Hollermite
The Yam Whale
The Soft Sell Crab
The Daxovore
The Pinball Lizard
The Mangonel Ant
The Dusk Girdle
The Elephance