285 Kent (285 Kent Ave., Brooklyn)
$10 in advance

BjorkBall is…

a multimedia retrospective performance art party in celebration of Bjork’s past works and in honor of her upcoming album, Biophilia.

a convergence of installation artists, live music performances, videographers, choreographers, a SICK DJ duo, and of course… Bjorkophiles.

a dance hall, a costume ball. a ferocious party. a damn good time.

BjorkBall features…

the musical stylings Brooklyn DJ Duo NARCISSE spinning sick Bjork remixes amongst other tunes;
the high-fashion, out-of-this-world costume fashion of SOTU PRODUCTIONS;
the stunning jazzified Bjork arrangements and vocals of NATALIE JOHN (from Travis Sullivan’s Bjorkestra);
the inimitable choreography of NY-Based artists JENN FREEMAN, ANI TAJ NIEMANN, LIZ ALDERFER, JOSHUA WEIDENMILLER, and more;
Bjork-inspired installation-art spanning many mediums and disciplines, including graffiti, robots/electronics, puppetry, performance art, dance, projection, and more;
live performances scattered throughout the evening, dedicated to a song from each of Bjork’s 7 albums, revving up to celebrate her newest creation…….. and much much more….