Thursday, September 22nd: The Ultimate ‘Office Space’ Party

The Ultimate Office Space Party
The Bell House (149 Seventh Street, Brooklyn)
$8 in advance

Hi, (insert your name), what’s happening? We need to talk about your TPS reports…at the Ultimate Office Space Party!

The Bell House and Secret Formula are turning everyone’s favorite comedy into a Sing-Along and Quote-Along so not only can you belt out “Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta” but you can shout your favorite quotes as the words appear on the big screen! And on top of themed drinks and contests, cake, kung fu, self breast exams and free flair buttons we’re going to beating a pile of office printers in the street with baseball bats! You’re never going to want to go back to work after this. So take a lesson from Peter and quit your job if you hate it. Or at least stop trying so hard. In this economy you’re probably gonna lose it anyways.

Leave the office early because we’re going to be having the mother of all theme parties with…

-Win a chance to be one of the lucky few who gets to smash office printers and computer towers in the streets of Brooklyn with a baseball bat while we blare “Die Motherf*cker, Die” from our speakers!

-Compete in contests including the Best “O Face” Competition, Chotchkies Flair Contest (15 pieces is just the minimum!), Office Space Trivia Contest and Impersonation Contest (Do your best Lumbergh, Milton or heart attack ridden hypnotherapist!)

-Oh, and remember it’s Hawaiian shirt day. So, you know, if you want to, go ahead and wear a Hawaiian shirt and jeans, dress up like your favorite character or just keep what you have on when you come from work. Best Outfit Wins a Prize!

-Co-authors of the book Please Fire Me: Posts from the Revolting Workplace, Johnny McNulty and Jill Morris, will read from their wide selection of material from the book that was rejected by their stupid boss.

-Enjoy themed drinks like the Case of the Mondays, PC Load Letter, the Lumbergh, Milton’s Revenge and Chotchkies chain restaurant favorites like Ultimate Mudslides, Ultimate Margaritas and Ultimate German Chocolate Cake Sippers!

-Snack on Bill Lumbergh’ Birthday Cake courtesy of Geek Treats (“The ratio of people to cake is too big.”

-Professor Johnny Von McNulty, expert, will give a lecture from his lecture series, “A Series of Lectures.” The subject: Office Space.

-Decide what to do next with our in-house Jump to Conclusions Mat

-Win prizes including a DVD copy of Superman III courtesy of Videology, a copy of Please Fire Me: Posts from the Revolting Workplace courtesy of Kensington Books and a very special Red Swingline Stapler for one lucky person – just like in the movie! We’ll also have free drinks and tickets to upcoming shows to give away courtesy of The Bell House.

-Featuring a kung fu movie pre-show + Mike Judge shorts and clips from other films/TV + all the Michael Bolton music videos we can find!