One Session Courses
Origami Basics: Diagrams, Folding + You – a different kind of origami class
The Fire That Changed America: Disaster at the Triangle Waist Factory – 100 years later, what happened and why it matters
Home Canning – banish your botulism fears!
Foreign Alphabets – a whirlwind tour of the world’s writing systems
Disaster Strikes New York: Reality vs. Big Screen – whether it’s Godzilla or a hurricane, you’ll be fine
Cutting Hair at Home – take shears to your strands without tears
Mystery Lecture – this month!: tarot, byron, math, hieroglyphics, perfume and more

And because we love stuff that you can learn with us then keep on doing at home, two hands-on classes to satisfy your crafty side:
Low-Tech Metalsmithing and Low-Tech Screenprinting

And also! Three of our favorite (and most popular) one night classes are back for more sessions:
Beginning Calligraphy, Cocktail Alchemy and Exploring Natural Perfume

Two and Three Week Courses
Soda Making – Brew up some ginger ale, root beer, cola and more
The History of Pizza – from a historical-social-cultural-scientific-economic perspective
Living Philosophy – stop thinking about philosophy as an old and stuffy way of over-thinking the world
Refinishing + Reupholstering – making old chairs awesome again
Visual Storytelling – showing vs. telling, with a focus on film
Design for Non-Designers – incorporating strategies for design thinking into everything you do
Make a Documentary from Scratch – pitching & financing, production & post-production!

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