Sunday, September 18th: Numeric Extremes Walk, Part II

Numeric Extremes Walk, Part II
Meets at SE corner of 1st Ave. and E. 1st St., Manhattan

39,038. This is as high as you can go in Five Boroughs. And we’re going to walk there. From 1.

Meet Sunday, September 18th at 9:45 am at the Southeast corner of 1st Avenue and East 1st street in Manhattan – which, at 1, is the lowest product of two intersecting streets in the five boroughs.

20 miles later we’ll hit the corner of 262nd Place and 149th Road in Rosedale, Queens. Multiply those together and you get 39,038, the highest product of any two intersecting numbered streets in NYC.

After our destination, we’ll have a about a mile walk to the LIRR, which will cost you $3.75 to get back into town.