Sunday, September 17th: PirateCon NYC 2011

Click here for the official treasure map & more information.

What the Yo Ho Ho?
PirateCon is not a movement; not a protest; not sensical… merely an organized convention of fun-loving pirates. We’ll be parading around town- pillaging and plundering- and of course stopping at various watering holes to refresh with some delicious pirate drinks!

PirateCon is a FREE event, however it’s nice to bring gifts for others to spread pirate cheer!

Pirates Code of Conduct:
*Pirates dress like seafaring bandits. PIRATE APPAREL IS MANDATORY. An eyepatch is not enough. Wear just a pirate hat and you’ll walk the plank. You must don a full-fledged pirate costume. Be creative! Chop off a limb and come with a wooden peg leg! Be a wench! Be a parrot! A skeleton! Capt Jack or Capt Morgan! Just don’t show up looking like a damn landlubber.

*Pirates talk like seafaring bandits. They say things like “Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!” and “Ahoy, matey” and “Shiver me timbers.” And MOST importantaly, Ne’er speak in anythin’ but the present tense!

*Pirates act like seafaring bandits… which contrary to popular belief actually means socializing with pirate and non-pirate alike in a carefree, fun-loving way!

-Eat something.
-Stay hydrated & pace yourself.
-Try some water in between your pirate drinks.
-Bring a MetroCard.

*Pirates are responsible for their own inebriation. This is not a bar crawl, it’s a convention. Get too rowdy and we’ll throw you overboard.

*Don’t be “that” Pirate. Your friends want to have fun, not bail you out of jail or take you to the hospital.