Body Actualized Party at Vaudeville Park
Vaudeville Park (26 Bushwick Ave., Brooklyn)
$8 suggested donation


Actualizing the body is transforming the physical inward. Through the synthesis of yoga and art we are reconsidering the body, mind, and breath continuum. Enhanced by aural meditations of live music, we access the vibrations of sound and breath to create a synthesis of the Self. Following this ritual of sound and flow, we share our new found energy in conversation. Mystics will share their Universal understandings. Raw food will be available for exploration.

An intelligent yoga session led by Austin Samsel (Cosmic Yoga) with ambience by Ian Colletti. This session is gentle and meditative, occurring in a safe and calming environment, conducive for inner-exploration for both absolute beginner and beyond yoga practitioners. After our inward journey we come together to share our discoveries and collective whisperings from the inside, out. Video art showcased by Angelina Dreem, will encapsulate the life cycle and its simplicity.

Body Actualized events are participative gatherings. Share your energy, services, and love with like-minded, consciousness expanding individuals. Healing modalities and psychic arts welcome. Be sure to bring your favorite fruit or vegetable to juice.

Energy exchange may take place in the $8 suggested amount or in services or foods to share. Body Actualized Control is a lifestyle organization designed to promote next level living, music, and spirituality within a loving, supportive, and open community. Events include literary gatherings, pop-up wellness shops and rooftop yoga at sunset that turn into late night dance parties. Body Actualized Control is the synthesis of mind and body sprinkled with pop cultural relevance.