Thrive Foods
powerHouse Arena (37 Main St., Brooklyn)
Free, RSVP requested:

In his brand new book, Thrive Foods, Brendan Brazier—bestselling author, professional Ironman triathlete, and formulator of Vega (an award-winning line of whole-food nutritional products)—introduces the “Nutrient-to-Resource Ratio,” which he believes, when applied, will cause sickness and disease to greatly decline, while, at the same time, significantly reducing our environmental impact.

Included are 200 plant-based whole food, nutrient-dense, alkaline-forming recipes that are in line with Brazier’s high net gain nutritional philosophy, first introduced in his acclaimed bestseller, The Thrive Diet. Contributions from Brazier’s favorite chefs—including celebrity chef Tal Ronnen, and Iron Chef competitor Amanda Cohen— round out this unique collection of health-boosting recipes.