The Art of Intuitive Photography
The B&H Event Space (420 9th Ave., Manhattan)

The Art of Intuitive Photography is a fun, challenging and exciting way to do photography. Technically learning how to photograph can be learned from a book. What is challenging is to awaken the intuition that we have, and learn to sense where the photos are that want to be taken.

NYC is full of history, emotion, life, and atmosphere. How to capture that in a photograph? By being open and intuitively feeling and sensing where to go and what shoot. Intuitive photography is a very natural way of shooting if your mind is clear and free to see the surroundings, rather than focus on the technical aspects on how to capture a perfect photograph.

Listen to your intuition – how does it manifest in you? Is it a feeling, a voice? By learning how to tap into our 6th sense we learn where we need to go and trust that what we are experiencing will guide us to the photographs.