Where Happiness Is…
Monday: New York New Church (114 E. 35th St., Manhattan), 7-9pm
Tuesday: Chakrasambara Kadampa Meditation Center (322 8th Ave., Ste. 502), 11am-12:30pm

Everyone wants to be happy, but if we check, so few people are. Of course, we experience happiness sometimes, but all too often we are anxious, frustrated, disappointed, wanting things to be different, and even depressed. Why is this? According to Buddha, it is because we are looking for happiness in the wrong place. We are looking for happiness in external things, in relationships, jobs, activities, possessions, status etc. But finally happiness is a state of mind. Unless the mind is happy none of these other things will make us happy. The key to happiness lies in cultivating peaceful, positive minds, and meditation gives us a simple, effective technique for doing so.

In this free talk Kadam Morten will guide us to where happiness is and teach us not only how to cultivate it, but how to maintain it throughout our daily life, even when we are encountering difficulties. Happiness is not far away. It is right here in our hearts and it can be easily activated and cultivated. We just need to know how. Utilizing these timeless methods will revolutionize our life and and enable us to have the happy, deeply satisfying, and meaningful life we all long for.