2nd Annual Great Ice Blocker (Slipper-Slide)
Central Park (enter at 79th St. & 5th Ave., up the hill & a bit to left, Manhattan)

Welcome to the 2nd annual Ice Blocker -_Slipper-slide-_ event. This is where we smartly sled down the dog run in Central park on blocks of ice. Last year with just 5 rectangular vessels we were able to roll for more than 2 hrs. Madness. Dress for frigid temps or extreme heat!!!

For all of the events – this one seems to surprise the locals more than most.. how do they slide?

Here’s how you get your ice block made: Take your freezer’s ice container – the big one, where all those cubes auto-drop into and fill it with water. In 24hrs you have a solid block of ice. Transport in one of those drink coolers. Haul that sucker to the park… oh and bring a small towel to allow you to control the unit without getting frostbite. 1’x1′ by 4″ depth is the smallest you should go, though at the end we get a bit ridiculous… I swear we were sliding down on Popsicles, more stick than POP.