Gabby Young and Other Animals
Drom (85 Avenue A, Manhattan)
7pm doors, 8pm show
$10 in advance

The youngest ever recruit to the National Youth Opera at the age of 12, Gabby was on track to become an opera singer until finding inspiration in a diverse set of artists such from Jeff Buckley to Ella Fitzgerald and other jazz greats to Janis Joplin and Bikini Kill. With this revelation, Gabby focused her talents on the unconventional. As Gabby further discovered gypsy jazz and Django Reinhardt, she fell in love with the unhinged and liberating elements of the virtuosic music, finding an equally bold voice within herself. Enlivened with this inspiration, Gabby spent her time touring the UK and experimenting with new musical forces.

Today, Gabby Young & Other Animals electrify with their distinctive style and diverse appeal. With flaming red hair and panache to match, Gabby Young acts as the avant-garde ringleader of a menagerie of instrumentalists and voluminous melodies. Take a listen to Gabby’s soaring, pitch-perfect voice and the stunningly unique and imaginative songs and it becomes clear that Gabby Young embodies a major emerging force in modern music – an unconventional fusion of global influences combines pop and folk with hints of Balkan brass, blues and jazz from an aural antiques shop in a century yet to come