Anima, Animus, Animate: Exploring Masculine and Feminine Archetypes Through the Tarot
Observatory (543 Union St., Brooklyn)

Masculine = Male. Feminine = Female. Right? Not necessarily. The masculine and the feminine are archetypal and ancient energies that exist within us as a collective as well as individually, regardless of gender. Long before Jung interjected “anima” and “animus” (inner female and inner male) into our understanding of the self, the Major Arcana, or Major Trumps, of the Tarot incorporated facets of these concepts into its depiction of the journey of the soul. Kathy Biehl, a professional proponent of symbolism as life guidance, will lead a visual and experiential exploration of the masculine and the feminine through images from the Tarot. Using a variety of decks from her private collection, she will discuss the diverse and nuanced ways in which the masculine and the feminine find expression — and each other. After surveying artists’ interpretations of the archetypes, she will introduce participants to their own inner masculine and feminine, through guided meditation.