Photo Basics from Aperture to Zoom
The B&H Event Space (420 9th Ave., Manhattan)

Photography has travelled light years in technological advancements since the first photograph was captured in 1825 by the French inventor Joseph Niépce. While Niépce captured images on a pewter plate using caustic chemicals, today we possess the luxury of modern imaging sensors and the ability to use autofocus. These inventions, along with the introduction of digital photography, have provided novices and amateurs the opportunity to operate almost any digital camera. But what about the fundamental concepts that are the core of photography? Exposure, metering, optics, lighting, composition, and how to focus are just a few of the basics that B&H Maven David Brommer will discuss in the alphabet of photography.

Photography basics focuses on exposure and a tour of the camera as well as explaining core photographic terminology. David will shed light on each button, dial and knob of the camera and teach you the difference between a cold shoe, hot shoe and TTL hot shoe. Photography jargon will become your second language and you will know a camera like the back of your hand. David will cover lenses from 10.5mm to 600mm, open up to f2.8 and then get stopped down all the way to f32. Find out about filters, tripods and shutter releases. Make your images sharp by understanding focus modes, learn to bounce the flash and make red-eye a thing of the past.