Unsold Supper
Union Square (Stone Pavillion at N. end, Manhattan)

On Saturday, September 3rd, join OurGoods and The Greenhorns to cook, eat, and share resources. 


1) Farmers contribute good produce that didn’t sell.

2) We cook a meal using human-powered, community-scale equipment.

3) Everyone maps their HAVES and NEEDS to share resources.

4) We sew a tent with a bike-powered sewing machine.

5) You connect to farmers, members of OurGoods, and a “Possibility Posse.”

UNSOLD SUPPER is being organized and facilitated principally by OurGoods and The Greenhorns, two emergent networks comprised of diverse stakeholders: farmers, artists, activists, craftspeople and makers of all kinds. OurGoods is an online barter network for creative people, connecting artists, designers, and craftspeople to trade skills, spaces, and objects. The Greenhorns recruits, promotes, and supports young farmers. Together we form resilient, community-driven cultural institutions for the 21st century, organizing peer-to-peer events for pooling resources, sharing ideas, building sustainable enterprises and eating together.

This event will turn the pavilion into a meeting-house and a marketplace where acts of bartering meet with acts of scheming and celebration. It is free and for everyone. No money will change hands. It is instead about the sharing of effort, sweat, friendship, and expertise. 

Sponsors of, and collaborators in, UNSOLD SUPPER include OurGoods, The Greenhorns, Greenmarket and GrowNYC, chefs Athena Kokoronis and Tamar Adler, as well as many regional farms and farmers growing the produce in New York’s foodshed.