Bizarro Fiction #2: Reading It, Understanding It, Writing It
Observatory (543 Union St., Brooklyn)

Bizarro is a genre of fiction that is often considered the literary equivalent to the movies in the cult section of a video store. The simplest way to describe it is fiction that focuses primarily on weirdness. Despite the diversity of the books and that the individual titles can be categorized under almost every fiction genre in the publishing industry, there are a few components that bizarro books tend to share. These include black humor, absurdism, surrealism, occurrences of the unreal, and shock value.

In this class, we will read and discuss work written by authors currently associated with the bizarro movement. In addition, we will examine their influences (or the proto-bizarro authors who came before them). In regards to our own writing, we will write bizarro fiction by participating in in-class writing exercises. One short assigned writing exercise will be due the second session. Each student’s assignment will be discussed as a class.