We here at the Silent Barn believe strongly in the principle of “Stunt Booking” If you think it won’t work, try it anyway. Does that music not make sense together? Put them on different floors! Urban Lemons into High Octane Lemonade. Well, what’s the best way to use a broken and defiled venue? Our Phoenix ready to rise with all the love and support we have been receiving? Let’s install something that we believe speaks to the tenacity, hope, art and dialogue that the Barn has always been about. An interactive Sound/Light Installation!

Now on view by appointment only, we’d like to present Peter Edward’s SPECTRE. Three full spectrum, sound sensitive, interactive glowing spheres that hang in our kitchen/living room, where thousands of bands have sweated and fans have boogied, the lyrical simplicity of the pulsing relationship between sound and light exemplifies our pre-burglary lives, culture stew and all.

The artist, Peter Edwards, is an musical instrument designer and electronic artist living in Troy, NY who over the years has contributed many aspects of the Silent Barn, from painting murals to surreal construction to sage advice and friendship. It seemed a shame to let the rubble just sit there while we wade in the swamp of city planning, architects, and court dates, and we will be soothed by the rainbow display of pulsing harmony that the sounds of our clean up will produce.

There are some photos we snapped a few days back, as well as a weird, eerie video.

Please email us at Silentbarn [at] gmail [dot] com if you’d like to schedule a viewing of this remarkable interactive sculpture. And bring a noisemaker.