BAMBOOZLED! Or THE REAL REALITY SHOW is a rip-roaring Musical, a little Operetta for the Street.

Our hero is a Local Postman, whose route runs from 74th to 81st Street, and along Roosevelt Avenue. Day after day, week after week, he delivers the mail. In snow and Rain and Summer Heat, the mail must go on—He is reliable! There!—A Rock of responsibility! And the perks of the job are there too! Oh, the Happiness of the Birthday Card! The joy of the News of the Newborn! The Sweet Romance of the Marriage Invitation!

But this year there is a terrible change—The pink slips, the Bankrupt Businesses. The Medicare reductions. The teacher layoffs, the Hospital closings, the Firehouse closings, the Library closings—The Library! His local Library! His second home—Closed! And this, along with condolences in Japanese and those back-addressed to Arizona! The weight of the mail hangs heavy on this Postman.

There he sits, in front of his television set—watching Reality shows—Jersey Shore, Deadliest Catch, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, Real Housewives of New York City—once in a while, the news, but the Tsunamis, tornadoes, floods, droughts, the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the war against terror, the wars where we’re not really there, but somehow we’re bombing them to pieces, haunt him. Haunt his dreams and corrupt his reality.

Suddenly, there appears before him, Mephisto Diablo, the Rock n’ Roll King of the Underworld, who reveals to him the Faustian Contract we have made with Nuclear Power. “You are America! Lord and Master of the World.” “Who, Me!?—I’m just a Postal worker—A community minded citizen from Jackson Heights, Queens. Why does it all fall on my head?!”

A fugitive from the future screams out what he has seen, and pleads not to be sent back, “Not back to the Future! No! No!” But Mephisto sings him away, and the Postman flies with him to see a people-less Planet—A silent world—with nothing but grasses and overhanging trees, and little animals scurrying here and there, and the only vestige of Human Civilization…a few Pokemon characters left over from a digital remix.

BAMBOOZLED, or, THE REAL REALITY SHOW tells us just how a strong young man, slipping quickly towards middle age, can find his way out of the maelstrom of Bad news, towards a brighter, more harmonious planet. That is the circumstance and ever-unfolding plot that lays before us. The possibility of a cleaner, more harmonious planet. And sure enough, this hero fools the Devil and reminds us that a really good postman will ring three times if he has to, and even knock the door down if smoke is billowing from inside the house, and a person is screaming for Help!

Away from the power mad search for world domination, to the Alternative Power of the Sun—The Wind and the unfailing power of the people.

BAMBOOZLED, or, THE REAL REALITY SHOW has seven songs, a five-piece live band, and a company of 50.

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