Henry V
Marcus Garvey Park, Manhattan

Explore the brutally thoughtful, fiercely funny, belligerent diplomacy of King Henry V with The Classical Theatre of Harlem as they interpret William Shakespeare’s classic. Our young King Henry V takes the throne, his dying father’s advice to “busy giddy minds with foreign quarrels” ringing in his ears. His reputation as a fun-loving lad who’s lived among the common folk inspires love from commoners and disregard from his enemies. He lays claim to France, and invades the country with a “band of brothers.” Join CTH’s powerful exploration of what it means for a king to bear the burdensome expectations of the crown – and the people to bear the expectations of the king – as Henry V works to win the hearts of all.

Director Jenny Bennett pilots a nonstop, intense scrutiny of kings and citizens in this play that dissects humanity’s warmongering with gripping actors, a thrilling score and fierce dance.