“Oedipus Rex” By Sophocles Co-produced by The Faux-Real Theatre Company
East River Park, Manhattan

The Faux-Real Theatre Company transcends boundaries traditionally placed between artists and the public by inviting audiences to engage and interact directly with performers in environments that challenge theatrical conventions.

The name, Faux-Real, embodies an aesthetic in which the extraordinary and the quotidian meld into dynamic stage life. The company aims to deliver challenging texts, both classical and contemporary, in multi-dimensional productions that are engaging and accessible.

The Greeks, like us, knew that Oedipus was going to gouge his eyes out, even before the play began. And yet they still came out in droves. Come see what all the fuss was about as The Faux-Real Theatre Company brings their Dionysian depiction of Oedipus, featuring an all-male cast of twelve utilizing the performance techniques of the ancient Greeks including: brightly colored wigs, fantastical costumes, and masks that act as megaphones. By incorporating the colorful aesthetic of these ancient performances and utilizing a broad physical style of acting powered by live music, songs and dancing, this work looks beyond the “fate versus free will” interpretations of this classic, to explore the alluring underbelly of this primal text. Their heightened approach reveals what is terrifying and vital in this most tragic of tragedies, enhancing the story’s power to roil our subconscious and to awaken the heroes within.