She’s Got the Power! A Girl Group Extravaganza
Damrosch Park Bandshell, Manhattan

The story of the girl group sound is also a unique New York story, in which young writers, producers, and musicians from all walks of life collaborated to create a style that celebrated American teenage dreams, in songs that combined raw emotional urgency and sophisticated musical production. College girls, church girls, high school prodigies and secretaries from Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan became sensations overnight. Kids everywhere responded to their music, sending the girl groups to the top of the charts, dominating the airwaves for several years and defining the era between early rock and the British invasion. Keep in mind the girl group sound was created by a fully integrated collective in the pre-Civil Rights era, and all involved formed tight bonds of personal and professional friendship.

While generations of music fans can sing girl group songs by heart, many of these great singers aren’t known by name. On July 30th, Lincoln Center Out of Doors and the Ponderosa Stomp will present She’s Got the Power, a celebration of the Girl Group sound and a salute to the women behind the unforgettable hits.

Bill Bragin, Director of Public Programming at Lincoln Center, explains, “Our multi-year partnership with The Ponderosa Stomp is very much focused on welcoming under-appreciated popular music artists into the cultural canon. We’re thrilled to celebrate these powerful female artists, who have had such a lasting impact on American popular music, at Lincoln Center, where their art stands alongside world class orchestras, opera divas, Tony-Award winners and ballet companies.”