Techniques for Travel and Great Travel Images
The B&H Event Space (420 9th Ave., Manhattan)

Building your photographic skills and developing creative vision is the goal for all photographers, and what better and more enjoyable way than incorporating learning and travel adventures. Mike and Mike of M&M Photo Tours, Inc. will review their latest images from China, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Japan, show you how to create similar images, and introduce you to new and exciting ways to get great travel pictures.

As veteran travelers and photo educators, Mike & Mike will focus on all aspects of photo tourism including how to prepare for a trip, what equipment to bring, finding locations, and expanding your creative vision. Using examples from their recent trips, they’ ll explain how they got the shots both from a creative and technical approach. See a unique perspective of Japan as M&M reveals their shots taken only 3 weeks after the Fukushima Nuclear Reactor was destroyed by a tsunami. Not since World War Two had Japan needed this level of national unity to recover from disaster, and as others canceled tour plans, M&M lead a group for a once in a lifetime shooting. Also emphasized in the presentation will be shots from China, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. View sweeping landscapes, beautiful sunsets, world-class macros, and the savory culture of the Asian countryside.

Learn to make your photo traveling hassle-free too. Whether you are planning to go with a travel tour group, or on vacation with your family or friends, come discover what the pros know about finding great locations to shoot that are not usually seen by tourists. You’ ll learn how to photograph these places in new and creative ways using the right equipment, and how to deal with the local populace in a professional way that will help you gain access to more personal settings and immerse yourself in their cultures.

Don’ t get stuck at the borders or airports! Mike and Mike will tell you travel secrets including what permits you may need to shoot in certain locations or how to file your equipment lists with government agencies in advance and avoid being charged extra duty or fees.

For years M&M has traveled extensively in the US and across the globe, doing on-site instruction at the world’ s best locations, putting top-tier guest professional photographers together with aspiring digital students of all skill levels. During their visual presentation of images, you will be encouraged to ask questions as they reveal technical aspects of creating each shot. Following the presentation, they will also have a general question and answer period where you can ask about your own travel or photo topics.

If photography is your passion, come see the phenomenal pictures and hear how you can improve your skills so you too can begin to plan your next vacation or travel photography adventure!