Two-Minute Madness: CinemaParque
Sternberg Park, Brooklyn

For more than four years the folks at The Filmshop have met once a week to workshop films in an encouraging and constructive setting. This fertile ground has produced collaborations, awards and an amazing network of filmmakers. For one night in July, they share the very best of their two-minute films with us. Featuring work by Lam Thuy Vo, Ben Donnellon, Angel Yau, Matt Farrell, Graham Meriwether, Matt Rivera, Zach Timm, Daniel Ross, Chris King, Courtney Engelstein, Leah Zak, Catherine Chao, Kris Cheppaikode, Matt Huard, James Murdock, Sean Yeaton, Kate Cook, Carolyn Nardiello, Rachel Solomon and Albert Beniada.