3rd Ward is beyond thrilled to be part of the Dekalb Weekend Market, a new urban farm and creative marketplace at Downtown Brooklyn’s Fulton Mall.

We’re one of several other groups, including Brooklyn Grange and the NYC College of Technology’s Hospitality Management Department, curating urban agriculture plots at the market. We’ll also be offering both free and paid urban agricultural workshops.

The workshops will be an all-star team of instructors featuring Zach Pickens, who writes for Young, Broke, and Hungry and Farming From Three to Twenty Feet Up, Michael Doherty, who has been working with the Window Farms Project, and Elise McMahon, a furniture maker and instructor here at 3rd Ward with lots of experience creating innovative compost bins, milking stanchions, chicken coops and other agricultural infrastructure.

“Topics will include everything from general education about seasonal and sustainable growing practices, to addressing the challenges of viably and responsibly producing produce in the city, to incorporating the latest DIY technologies such as sensors and circuit boards to manage a garden,” 3rd Ward Education Director J. Perelmuter says.

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, stay tuned for more info about 3rd Ward’s own container storefront at the market…

Starting July 23 the Dekalb Weekend Market will be open every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 7pm through December.