How to Kill at Karaoke
Brooklyn Brainery (515 Court St., Brooklyn)

Do you love karaoke but wish you could really nail that performance, or have been dying to try but doubt your abilities? Join us for a fun evening of karaoke tips that will leave everyone in the crowd at your next performance murmuring “That was awesome! I wish I had done that song! Two more picklebacks please!”.

Seasoned karaoke veteran and believer that people of all singing abilities can serve up a stellar performance, Laura Sjogren, will show you how to maximize your innate talents and get you thinking about the hard questions, like what song is appropriate after 6 beers, what do I do if there is a surprise birthday party at the bar, and is it ever appropriate to direct a song at your ex? Hope to see you there!

(PS: We’re not going to make anyone sing or anything like that, but we’ll probably give you some wine.)