The Zen of Microphones: How to Achieve High Quality Audio
The B&H Event Space (420 9th Ave., Manhattan)

Dialog is one of the most important aspects of any Video or Film production. Proper care in achieving clear dialog, as well as high quality music and ambient recording, is often overlooked. Frequently, the quality of your audio is affected by misunderstanding microphones and not using the right tools at the right time. In this seminar, Sennheiser Product and Application expert David Missall will teach you the importance of choosing the right microphone for the job at hand. Come join us to find the answers to questions like: Is one microphone good for all applications? Are all microphone polar patterns created equal? Is a dynamic microphone better or a condenser microphone? Learn how to achieve the best performance from your wireless microphones and discover how shotgun microphones really work. If you want to create great audio and improve your craft, then don’t miss this event!