The Mp3 Experiment Eight is taking place this Saturday in Lower Manhattan at 8:30 PM. The exact starting point will be revealed on Friday at Noon on our website. The Mp3 will be made available for download at that time as well. Here is some advance information:

**Props to Bring

Like last year, we are asking you to bring a bag with some props. Because the props this year are a little more specific than last year, we wanted to share the list of them further in advance to give you time to prepare. Here is the list:

– a camera with a flash (not an iPhone, but an actual camera with an
actual flash)
– a flash light
– Something that lights up bright that is not a camera or a flash light
(should be able to fit in your backpack) (no laser pointers please)
– a glow stick (or glow ring or similar glow item)
– a mask (make your own if you don’t have one)