Veg BBQ Night
By Brooklyn (261 Smith St., Brooklyn)
$10 in advance

At last! A Veg BBQ Night at By Brooklyn! This is the launch of U.S. Veg Corp’s monthly events happening the 15th of each month. Each event promises to be unique, informative and fun! What better way to kick it off with a BBQ Veg style!

Join our guest speaker Jasmin Singer of Our Hen House ( as she discusses the multitude of ways we can each change the world for animals through food activism, and how we can each plug that into our summertime fun. Whether it’s baking compassionate cupcakes for your office party, hosting a tofu-dog feed-in on the Fourth of July, or writing a letter to the editor regarding the blatant oversight of veganism in a “green foods” article, there is a way in for each of us when it comes to using food as a political statement and a tool for change. In this workshop, you will leave with the delicious resources necessary to incorporate advocacy into your everyday lives, using little more than an oven mitt. Jasmin Singer is the director and co-founder of Our Hen House (, a multimedia hive to change the world for animals.

Plus BBQ Throw-down competition sponsored by Barry’s Tempeh!

And other delicious food including bbq’d kale marinated in coconut milk and lime, skewered curried sweet potatoes, and buckwheat chapati made on a pizza stone on the grill thanks to Sky Town; yummy beer mustard from My Friend’s Mustard; and refreshing Fresh Ginger Ginger Ale! Is your mouth watering yet?!