PATIENT ID: A Community Quilting Project
Textile Arts Center (505 Carroll St., Brooklyn)
July 10, 17, 24, 31
$10/person for materials

In hospitals patients are identified by their wrist bands: name, date of birth, and insurance carrier. Patient ID is a collaborative art project between artists Eve + Bowie and hospital patient programs that speaks to patient’s identities as people, rather than numbers.

The project is a variation on a quilting group: phrases describing patients are gathered from patients, friends and family of patients, and care givers; these phrases are embroidered onto quilting squares made of hospital gowns by volunteers; the pieces are then quilted together by the patients and displayed in the hospitals where they were made.

We invite you to contribute your time and embroidery skills to the project. You will also have the opportunity to contribute a phrase or words about the personality of your loved one who has undergone treatment or is currently in treatment. All the text in PATIENT ID will be written by family members and friends of patients, medical professionals, as well as the patients themselves.

This project has been made possible in part by a grant from the Puffin Foundation.

Textile Arts Center will hold a series of FOUR workshops through the month of July, where participants will learn the skill of embroidery from skilled instructors, while working on a square for the quilt. We hope you will join us for 1 or all 4!