Shellshag & Ivy and Erick
Cinders Gallery (28 Marcy Ave., Brooklyn)

A closing show featuring live bands. Current Brooklyn heroes by way of the Bay, SHELL SHAG, bring their two-piece noisy pop blowout to the gallery. They will be joined by IVY AND ERICK, playing for the first time in NYC in three years. Ivy Jeanne and Lyle of Black Rainbow bring their lower-fi guitar and vocal punk/soul arrangements to Brooklyn in what one can only hope will reprise their performance at Sara Thustra’s legendary 2005 art show inside San Francisco’s City Hall.

Shell Head (Shell) and Jennifer Shagawat (Shag) have been writing songs together for 13 years, and performing live for 6. They are the DIY stalwarts behind the Brooklyn indy label, Starcleaners, and are just back in town from an epic year of touring Europe with Japanther, and to the Chaos in Tejas and Do You Hear We? Punk fests.