Portraits in Dramatic Time
David H. Koch Theater, Manhattan
Free, no tickets required

If you missed Slow Dancing, David Michalek’s hyper-slow-motion portraits of dancers projected above the Josie Robertson Plaza during Lincoln Center Festival 2007, ask anyone who saw it how mesmerizing it was—how it transformed scattered passersby into a rapt congregation—and don’t make that mistake this summer.

In this follow-up work, what at first appears to be a still snapshot of an actor on stage unfolds, gesture by barely perceptible gesture, into massively amplified theatrical nuance. David Michalek has photographed actors of all genres at 3,000 frames per second in ultra-high definition; these images have been slowed to a glacial pace—5–12 seconds play out over 8 minutes or more—and will be projected onto a mammoth, 85-by-45-foot screen hung before the façade of the David H. Koch Theater.