Saturday, July 2nd: ‘Where Soldiers Come From’

Where Soldiers Come From
The Old American Can Factory (232 3rd St., Brooklyn)
8pm doors

On July 4th weekend, Rooftop presents a journey from a snowy small town in Northern Michigan to the mountains of Afghanistan and back, following childhood friends forever changed by a faraway war. As we go through our daily lives, consumed by the stresses and joys of work, family, and friends, It is easy to forget that our country is at war. Where Soldiers Come From is a startling reminder of the reality of that war and its ongoing effects on many of our country’s young men and women. Constructed with a masterful combination of tender intimacy and hard-hitting insight, this is a film that every American should see. Director Heather Courtney and the young veterans from the film will be there in person to answer questions.