The Moon Show
92YTribeca (200 Hudson St., Manhattan)

The Moon is taking an expanded version of their variety show to 92YTribeca and bringing some of their favorite people with them!

Featuring Kristen Schaal and Kurt Braunohler, Todd Barry, MC Chris, videos from Everything Is Terrible, The CSC Funk Band and puppetry from PuppeTyranny, plus a brand new story to tie it all together.

The Moon, which was recently written about in Brooklyn-based’s Kings of Comedy feature, is a popular comedy variety show, more in the vein of old TV variety programs than your average stand-up showcase. Well-dressed hosts Bob and Nat, supported by an ensemble cast of comedians and musicians, perform a throughline plot which includes recurring segments and characters, original music and videos, tied together with NYC’s best talent for a fun and original show. Shows range from transforming the night into a Thanksgiving family dinner, a high school reunion, an airline or a spring break resort, to the normal goings-on being interrupted by a wise-crackin’ alien, an uncle from out of town or Santa Claus himself.