Thursday, June 30th: Monocle Order Launch

Monocle Order Launch
The Norwood (241 W. 14th St., Manhattan)
Free, RSVP required

The Monocle Order’s founders are Nobel Prize winning party alchemists who also run the first members-only club for sunglasses. Known throughout Narnia for their impeccable taste and unequaled soirees. The launch party is June 30th at , from 6pm to very late. Strictly 21+, RSVP only.

Imagine taking 10 parts liquor, 3 cups models, 6 oz fashion, 3 stone art, 35 teaspoons amphetamines, 12 bars gold bullion, 1 hectare circus performers, 10 tons glitter, 8 units disco balls, 1 pound ambergris, 1 trough cologne, 1 million kilowatts of sexual tension, 1000 fathoms of ego, blending it together into a rainbow colored, organic, vegan, free trade, sugar-free, kosher, meat smoothie.