Thursday, June 30th: June Guacamole Crawl

June Guacamole Crawl
Meets at NE Corner of Tompkins Sq. Park, Manhattan

On Thursday, June 30, we will be leading the culinarily adventurous through the East Village on a hunt for guacamole. A popular party snack, guacamole is a delightfully straightforward puree of fresh avocado, tomatoes, garlic, peppers and lime-yet it allows much room for experimentation and offers the potential for variety. One fun variation sampled by one of the three foodies-in-charge includes the addition of pomegranate seeds. Spiciness can also be varied according to taste, and beverage/entree pairings also leave room for the imaginative. Please join us to sample some of the East Village’s finest guacs!

The NYC Food Crawl is a monthly adventure in small, portable and inexpensive treats. Come to try new foods, make new friends, or just enjoy a stroll through interesting neighborhoods! Whether you have team members in mind or no, we can help you out. Route map and team assignments provided. Pay as you go, go at your own pace, and make new friends!