Introduction to Sound Painting
The Brecht Forum (451 West St., Manhattan)

This workshop will introduce Soundpainting to musicians of all ages and skill levels. Soundpainting is a multi-disciplinary live composing sign language system created by composer Walter Thompson. Soundpainting develops the creative voices of students through an array of structural parameters while still allowing individual and stylistic choices. It breaks through boundaries, tapping into reservoirs of skills and expression that help students better understand themselves and the world in which they live.

At present the Soundpainting language comprises more than 1200 gestures that are signed by the composer/director, known as the Soundpainter, indicating the type of material desired of the performers. Direction of the composition is gained through the parameters of each set of signed gestures.

Eigner will begin by addressing the class with a brief explanation and history of this international live composing language. From here we will jump right into the process, learning the basic 20 gestures and energizing each student, as they hear their contributions relate and unite with the whole group. By the end of this two-hour intensive, we will soundpaint a complete piece of music.

**Please bring your instruments