Water Festival 2011
Union Square, Manhattan

Join us at New York City’s fiercest bike-powered music festival.

NYC Celebrates Water Festival 2011, the groove capital of NYC this day, will feature mind-blowing performances by Vanessa Bley, Masa (Didi Gutman of Brazilian Girls and master producer Hector Castillo) and Gordon Voidwell! The festival celebrates NYC’s precious drinking water, which is still safe, clean and right out of the tap for New York City’s 8 million residents to enjoy.

Conceived and produced by Pedal Power NYC, and founder Ariel Agai, the festival grid will be completely charged by cyclists from the audience. Volunteer riders will crank it out on a fleet of 16 newly fabricated bike generators…meaning, the show is 100% powered by Natural Ass, no batteries included.

New York City’s largest human-powered concert in Union Square is not to be missed.

Electric humans unite.